Aoi Eir x Maruyama Gelato Collaboration Gelato Sets on Sale

Three types of gelato, “Red Eir,” “Blue Eir,” and “White Eir,” are now available on the Maruyama Gelato EC site.
Original gelato set (set of 6) will be on sale at online mail order from 12:00 on 6/17 (Mon.).

Eat a hot summer meal from Eir Aoi and get through the hot summer!


ail indigo (Indigofera suffruticosa)

Lychee Grapefruit.

Indigo like the summer sky on a sunny day.

The bittersweet yet sweet and sour taste of grapefruit is combined with the oriental flavor of lychee.
A refreshing sorbet gelato that blows away the summer heat.

red ail

Cassis sorbet.

The deep red color shines in the hot summer sun.

Sorbet gelato with just the right amount of sourness and astringency of blackcurrants

White ail

Fresh milk from Hokkaido

White like an iridocumulus cloud in the summer sky.

Milk gelato made with plenty of fresh Hokkaido milk, with a refreshing sweetness and a strong milk flavor.

gelato set
3,500 yen (tax included) 6-piece set (2 of each of 3 types)

Original A5 size with mini clear file

Sales period: June 17 (Monday) 12:00 – June 30 (Sunday) 23:59

Sales site: Maruyama Gelato official