Eir Guild

Eir Aoi’s official fan club “EiR GUILD/ Eir Guild” is launched!


With a combination of positive thoughts, we are launching a new community “EiR GUILD”. It will be a place where we can gather with you, still slowly and gradually, but we hope you will enjoy it with us.

Aoi Eir

Eir Aoi’s official fan club ” EiR GUILD – I woke up and joined Eir Aoi’s guild ” will be launched on May 1 (Wed) at 12:00 noon!
At the same time, we will start recruiting guild members (fan club members), so please be sure to register on the day of the event.

Benefits of Guild Membership

  • Guild members-only goods for sale
  • Guild members-only live event
  • Fastest pre-sale of live tickets
  • Special BTS (behind the scenes) and private images and videos
  • Birthday messages to guild members
  • Staff blog (production secrets, behind-the-scenes stories, etc.)

We plan to offer many benefits that you can only get as a guild member, such as

Membership with benefits is available for a limited time!

Normally we only accept applications for general guild members, We are recruiting guild members with benefits until 5/14. We will be accepting applications for guild members with special privileges until May 14.
The benefit consists of a member’s card (with card case + original neck strap) with member ID printed on it.
*Members’ cards without member ID printed on them can be purchased exclusively by guild members from the online store on the FC website. (Card case + original neck strap are not included)

The URL of the FC site will be announced later on this official site and various SNS.
Please look forward to it!